A little bit about me


My name is Jericho Knopp, but you can call me Jeri. I am a journalist, writer, cat-owner, and amateur musician. 

I was born in Red Deer, Alberta, the daughter of a petroleum engineer and child-raiser extraordinaire. As a family, we moved around the world, from Colombia to Trinidad and Tobago, Argentina and Ecuador to Norway. With every move, I was captivated by a sense of novelty. I couldn't wait to explore my new school's website, look at all the extracurriculars I could take, the people I could meet. When I graduated, I moved to Montreal to attend McGill University, where I majored in Psychology and Linguistics. Then, I spent a year teaching English in Japan with the JET Programme, a year coaching gymnastics in New Brunswick, and two years slaving away over a Master of Journalism degree, which I completed in early 2015.

My literary interests lie primarily in long-form non-fiction, spanning topics such as gender politics, social justice, the environment, and arts and culture. I currently work for CBC in Saint John, New Brunswick as a reporter and associate producer, and as a freelance journalist for Civilized. My work has also been published in the Telegraph Journal, Buzzfeed, The Georgia Straight, and The Thunderbird. I spend my spare time trying to keep up with the ever-expanding corpus of great literature, sneaking a few romance novels in between classics. I also love climbing, yoga, baking, and promptly devouring everything I've baked.

Feel free to get in touch with me!