Hello. My name is Jeri Knopp, and I am a journalist. It wasn't always this way; I've been a gymnastics coach, English teacher, fundraiser, painter, and cashier, among other things. In fact, I'm relatively new to the journalism scene.

I moved to Vancouver in August last year to pursue my Master of Journalism degree at the University of British Columbia. I had decided that this was the course for me after teaching English at a small high school in rural Japan. I had always been interested in writing, but while I was in Japan, I realized how much I relished the ability to put my own experiences into words, and share them with people who would never have those experiences. I used my personal blog to write about going up in a hot-air balloon at 6 am on a cloudless winter day, with nothing but rolling, snow-covered hills underneath me. I discussed strange Japanese traditions, the oddities in my apartment; you name it, I wrote about it. 

Now that I am here in Vancouver, I have had the opportunity to work with many well-respected professionals in the city. I have climbed the steep learning curve, and am now trained in a number of mediums. I still love to write, but I am experimenting with storytelling in a number of different forms. Stick around to see how things go!