How to write a news story at UBC Journalism

1. Search Twitter for a story idea the night before your pitch is due.


2. Get your story torn apart by Frances during the pitching meeting.


3. Cry.


4. Go back to Twitter and find a new story idea.


5. Get approval for your story idea from Kathryn.


6. Google your idea and find sources.


7. Call sources after-hours, get an answering machine.


8. Cry.


9. Email 10 sources, get one reply.


10. Write story at 11:59 before midnight draft deadline.


11. Have draft torn apart by Frances.


12. Cry.


13. Go to BC Assessment on Frances' advice, even if you don't need to.


14. Rewrite draft with new information. 


15. Take photos of anything remotely related to your story.


16. Have Mary Lynn tell you the ethical shortcomings of your story.


17. Consider dropping out.


18. Eat your feelings.


19. Have a meeting with Kathryn, and feel like everything will be okay.


20. Rewrite story one more time.


21. Struggle to put everything into Wordpress.


22. Cry.


23. Get help with your layout from Chantelle.


24. Have Alf tear apart your headline.


25. Get the entire class to help you write a new one.


26. Put the story into pending review.


27. Do all the CP reviews that Frances asks you to do.


28. Publish!


29. Do a happy dance.


30. Have all 9 sources email you back.

31. Cry.